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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Babies get a new Playpen

Today I managed to finally get to the post office to collect the Babies eagerly awaited Playpen

Lara, Blossom and Charlie tried it out for size along with a few of their furry friends

Charlie thought it would be fun to try and get out through the bars.

 Then all 3 bounced up and down to see how high they could jump.

Finally Lara and Charlie settled down to play with some of the toys while Blossom looked on.

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Ken and Doreen for rushing the playpen to me and I'm sure all the babies will agree when they realise what fun they will have using it.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A hive of activity

After reading a rather disturbing post on Ronny's site a couple of my girls went into action!

"What are you 2 girls up to?" mum asked
"We read about poor Lonely and her bear so we are writing a letter to Lonely's mum" Meredith replied

"And we've made a Save the Bear banner" Meg informs me holding it up with Meredith.

"And just in case people thought it was my bear that needed to be saved we made another one with Lonelys name on it" Meg said
"So what did you write in the letter" mum asks

Well lets hope Lonelys bear will be back indoors with her soon and hopefully Lonely will not be on her own for very long....BRING THE BEAR IN!!! PLEASE :O)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow Angel

Frances meets Harry out in the garden.
"Come on Frances lets build a snowman"
But Frances can't wait to try out her new coat and immediately throws herself into the snow.

" Look Harry, I'm a snow angel"
" Get up before mum See's you and you get told off" cries Harry "honestly" he mutters "and people say boys are bad"!

The Girls show off thier new coats

"look at the coat mum bought me" Frances says to Masie
"Isn't it beautiful"

Masie gets up to take a closer look "oh yes it's lovely and soft and such a pretty colour" 
"I have one too" says Keilani entering the room
"you can't wear it with a beret" exclaims Frances "it looks odd"
"yes I can, I like it like this"
"but you can't put your hood up" Masie states
Before Keilani can reply Aoife arrives

"Hoorah!! It's snowing" Aoife exclaims excitedly, "mum said we could go and build a snowman in the garden but you will need to change into your boots and coat first Masie"
The girls leave the room excited....

What's this... oh some of the babies have decided to play.

Blossom rolls around on the floor with Mr Ted, while Lara sits on the now vacated beanbag with her horse Dobbin, Millie has taken the reins and wants to ride the Rocking Horse. "Help, get up, horsey"

Blossom leaves Mr Ted to roll on his own and crawls over to give Millie a boost.

"Giddy up Horsey, giddy up" Millie cries as Blossom looks on.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Girl's lend a hand

After reading Kendal's comment some of the girl's decided to help with the housework.

"What are you doing Meredith?" asks Jack
"I'm helping mum with the housework by doing the hoovering, you can help by tiding up your room"
"O.k... but I must finish this game I'm playing first"
Boy's, Meredith mutters as she starts to hoover the rug.

Meanwhile Aoife is ironing while Demelza loads the washing machine.

Keilani thinks it would be nice for the girls to have some tea and cakes after all their hard work and sets the table.

What a lovely surprise.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Foot Wear

Now I have a fair amount of shoes etc but these pale into insignificance compared to my kid's collection.



Trainers and Deck Shoes

Sandals and Flats.

and these are just some of their collection!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Robyn and Sabrina, the last of my girl's

Robyn, my poor little waif wearing her Nellie Rose Ski outfit, she had falling hair and was re-wigged with long Black hair, she also has a small nick to the tip of her nose.

Sabrina, my beautiful Cora wearing a Special Delivery dress.

When are you going to photograph the Babies mum, they're all moaning.

From the corner of the room you can just make out tiny mutterings... not fair, me want picture too, and me, no me

o.k poppets sit nicely for your photo.

From top left, Lily who you met earlier, Blossom in Yellow, Molly in Red, Millie in her sleepsuit and A.J (Arron James).

My beautiful Sasha family so far (but there's always room for 1 or more!)

Monday, 7 January 2013

Red's and Honey

From left to right, Demelza my beautiful Honey Blonde in yet another Special Delivery dress, center front is Aoife in a Hagnolly Kilt and Sashapotomus T-Shirt and last but by no means least is Rose wearing a Sweater knitted by Scueby-doo, Denim Pinafore by Skibnieska and Stripey Tights made by me (snuzz1mich62).

Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Girl's continued.

Having already met Daisy and Megan in a previous post I thought I would introduce the rest of the Blonde's

The Blonde's from left to right, Mia in a Blue Corduroy Pinafore by Alexisofie, Devon in her Ski top by Nellie Rose and Leggings by Dollydoodle and Katherine aka Kitty wearing a Top and Gillette by Bevbeese and Leggings by Dollydoodles.

L-R  Summer in White Top by Nellie Rose and Jeggings by Dollydoodles, Yvette in her Christmas Top by Nellie Rose and Blue Corduroy Trousers and Frances in Pink Top and Gillette by Bevbeese and Dollydoodles Leggings.

Another picture of Summer with Baby Charlie in another cute outfit by Nellie Rose, Summer was an ebay find where before you knew it your fingers had pressed the BIN button. Summer is really a Gregor who was going to be re-rooted but the previous owner never got around to doing it so re-wigged him as a girl with this beautiful wig. I loved the hair and the rest is history!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Girl's

The Brunette's from left to right Meredith in a Tartan Pinafore by Special Delivery, Masie  in a Purple Pinafore by Alexisofie and Scarlet in the Green dress by Special Delivery.

 Neve in her Winter wear by Nellie Rose and Piper in her Purple dress by Sashadolls.

And finally Keilani my 1969 No Navel girl with her cat Pickles.

Who's next mum?

Friday, 4 January 2013

The Boy's
My Blonde's from left to right Gideon, Virgil and Sam.

The Brunette's from left to right, Fabian, Sebastian and Harry who have just come back from taking Bertie for a walk.

 L-R, Travis and Jack

and finally the Red's, George and Rufus.

The girl's are all excited, who's turn it will be next....

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Well It's now 2013 and I thought it was about time I actually used my blog space.  Daisy decided that she wanted to be the first and pulled out a photo taken last year.

Then she thought it might be nice to include one with some of her sister's, Megan wearing the Tartan Dress by special delivery, baby Tara wearing a Royal Blue Corduroy Dress by  Sashadolls, Lily wearing a pretty knitted outfit by Hagnolly and Daisy in her Christmas Dress by Nellie Rose.

You can put a picture of the boy's on tomorrow if you want mum.
Why thank you Daisy I just might just do that, you'll have to wait and see.