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Mitzi's Diary

28th July 2013

Mum received some material last week and I asked her to make me a new Summer dress, she finally finished it today after a lot of complaining! It is very light and Summery and perfect for the Seaside. Now that we are on our Summer holiday's we may be able to go and visit our cousins who live by the sea. I asked mum to take a picture of me in my new dress so I can put it in my diary and so here I am in my beautiful new dress.

Thanks mum, you're a star!!
January 1st 2015
Nothing much happened today, Trendon played football with Sam while Edward made a racket trying to play the drums!! Boys!! what a noisy bunch!
January 2nd 2015
Mum has not done any sewing lately and when she does Teagan always seems to be the model. I'm not complaining.. well maybe just a little as I do miss the excitement of trying on new things and having my picture taken. Oh well maybe I will be lucky this year and get to model more.
January 3rd 2015
It will be a sad day tomorrow. I heard mum say she was taking the Christmas decorations and lights down as she won't be able to do them on the 6th. So sad
January 4th 2015
The rooms look so much bigger now the decorations have been taken down. I wish we could keep the lights up as they are so pretty.
January 5th 2015
Mum bought some more material today so soon she will start sewing again. I hope I get to model some of the things she makes.
January 6th 2015

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