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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Mitzi's New Dress

Mitzi asked me to make her a new dress for the Summer holidays (I think she's hoping that the sunny weather will last). Finally after much complaining and vowing never again on my part , it's finished!

Mitzi couldn't wait to try it on and go for a walk by the Waterfall insisting that I took her picture.


Well that's 1 happy little girl but I suppose I'd better ask the others if they would like something!!!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Millie does a spot of Sun bathing.

Arya had put out the sun lounger in order to relax in the garden and had just gone inside to get a drink when Millie came crawling along.

Seeing the seat empty she pulled herself up onto it...

 Rolled over...

and lay down to relax.

Arya arrived back to find Millie looking very comfortable and in no immediate hurry to get off.

Trying a spot of bribery Arya gave the drink to Millie who hugged it to her chest but still refused to move until she heard mum call out that she had Ice Cream if anyone wanted any. "I sweem" Millie cried as she padded indoors to get some.

"At last" Arya said to herself as she lay down on the lounger to relax and enjoy the sunshine.