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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Baby Sweater for Gwen

 Gwen the hat has a White rib with 2 lines of grey, 1 line of pink, 2 lines of grey, 4 lines white until it reaches the crown.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Baking Day

Today Maisie and Frances decided to bake some cakes.

First they checked the fridge to make sure they had eggs and butter.

Maisie made the cake mix while Frances set out the cases.

They asked their older sibling Sarah to put the cake cases into the oven for them, which she kindly did.

Frances put the cakes onto the tray while Maisie poured the tea.
"That's the coffee pot" Frances said to Maisie as she lifted the pot "I thought we were having tea?"
"We are having tea but I couldn't reach the teapot, mum had put it up to high for me to reach so I've used the coffee pot instead"
"You could have asked Sarah before she went out" Frances pointed out to Maisie "but I must say having coffee looks very grown up even if it is tea"

Both girls sit down at the table to relax with a nice cup of tea and some cakes after all it's been a very busy morning.

They certainly did a good job with the cakes, I just hope they have done enough for everyone!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Vintage Sasha

I was lucky enough to purchase a set of Vintage Sasha's Dungarees and Maisie volunteered to model for me.

She was so pleased it was warm enough not to have to wear a cardigan and is secretly hopeing that the warmer weather is here to stay.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Mum's been busy

Today I decided to sew up all my baby tights, some I have listed on ebay and some are on my For Sale page, the rest have been stored away, I didn't realise just how many I had!

Millie decided as she was modelling them for me I should post a photo of her with some of them.

Thank you Millie for being so patient while I put on and took off untold pairs of tights even if I did have to bribe you with a packet of chocolate buttons.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Edward comes to stay

"What have you got there mum?" Piper asked looking at the box that had just arrived.

"Oh my - I can hear something moving around inside... quick mum open it up" she exclaimed.

"Thank goodness for that, I thought I would never see daylight again - I've been jostled around in this box for the last 24 hours" seeing Piper looking into the box he said " Oh hello - my name is Edward how do you do"
Smiling shyly Piper replied " Hello Edward my name is Piper and I'm very pleased to meet you...let me help you out of that nasty box"

"So this is my new home" he said holding her hand as he climbed out.

"These are for you Edward, I'm sure you will feel more at home after you have had a bath and changed your clothes"

"Thank you very much, yes I'm sure I shall" he said taking the clothing from her.

While Edward goes for his bath Piper rushes off to tell the others.

 "I thought mum was getting us a baby" Maisie said "not another big brother!"
"Oh Maisie, just wait till you meet him, he's so handsome and has the most beautiful blue eyes"
"I think someones smitten" said Rose "come on then lets go and meet him"

"Oh no, I bet mums brought another Girl home" George said " we're already out numbered!"

"I'm sure mum said she was getting us a baby brother" replied Rufus

Just then Edward arrives in his new clothes.
" How do you do, my name is Edward and you are?"

"He's very formal isn't he" whispers Rufus.
" I'm George  and this is Rufus"  George says as he treads on Rufus foot to silence him. "
"Ouch" mutters Rufus under his breath.
" Pardon, did you say something" asks Edward.
Before Rufus can respond Piper arrives with Maisie and Rose.

"Hello George, Rufus, I see you've met Edward, Edward may I introduce you to Rose and Maisie"

After the introductions have been made Piper turns to Edward and says "If you would like to come with me I will introduce you to the rest of the family Piper said taking his hand. 

Rufus turns to Rose and says " Whats the matter with Piper, Whys she talking like that, what's going on!"
"Mum said he's Prince Edward and we need to be respectful when talking to him"
"What a load of rot! if he's going to live here with us he'll need to get used to the way  we are,  I'm not changing for him!"
"Be nice Rufus" mum said from the doorway "He needs to adjust"
"Awww mum - don't make us talk like that I'll never be able to do it"

Only time will tell.....