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Saturday, 25 February 2017

A great find.

While looking on ebay I came across an incomplete Dinner service that looked just the right size for Sasha.

The set consists of Dinner plate, Side plate, Bowl (which is not very deep), 3 various sized Tureens, Gravy Boat and stand. Apart from the gravy boat which is a little too big every thing else is a perfect fit.

I had just won this set when I came across a 32 piece Dinner Service before I knew what had happened my fingers hit the button and the second set was on the way!

Aria sits at table, knife and fork in hand to show you the size.

Dinner plate, Side plate and Bowl.

This set consists of 6 Dinner plates, 6 Side plates, 6 Bowls as seen in the above photo's.

4 Tureens, 2 with stands. As you can see the largest Tureen would suit the larger dolls better.

And 4 Oval platters, 2 in each size.

Aria demonstrates the sizes of the plates and bowls. Side Plate.

Dinner Plate.


The cutlery set .

This was purchased from the Queens Treasures in the US and has 4 knives, forks and spoons contained in a cutlery tray. It is the perfect size for Sasha's.

All in all a great find.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Some Sasha friends.

It's been very quiet on the Sasha front but I have acquired some more friends. First up we have the Muller Witchel friends, Tom, Rosie, Stephan and Mona.





Next we have Dell a Hearts 4 Hearts girl.

Followed by my 2 Minouche girls Claudia and Jeanette.

All of these are between 13 - 15 inches high so don't take up much room which is a godsend as I am quickly running out of space!!