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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Beautiful Dresses made with love

I was lucky enough to buy and pre-order some of Petrana's beautiful dresses.

Rose is wearing the beautiful Green floral print dress.

While Robyn wears the gorgeous Red dress with Grey mice pattern.

Mitzi tried on the gorgeous Blue, Yellow and White frilled dress which she stated although not Pink it was definitely a girly dress. While Arya liked the cat design dress and very kindly changed out of her dungarees to model it for me.

she was so taken with it that she pronounced it hers and refused to take it off!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Mitzi goes to Church.

Mitzi loves living here with us, I had just finished sewing up a Bolero to go with an outfit and she was jumping up and down with excitement eagerly waiting to try it on to model for me.

So here she is Miss Mitzi modelling the going to Church outfit.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Mitzi loves her fruit

Mitzi loves her fruit and is modelling the outfits mum has made.

Here she is modelling a Cherries and Cream ensemble.

Then in true model fashion, a quick change and with Bramble her Rabbit she showcases  a Strawberries on Cream dress with matching panties.
Mitzi will certainly be kept busy over the next few weeks but she's loving it!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Mitzi's modelling debut

Mitzi was thrilled when I asked her to do a spot of modelling for me and couldn't wait to try on the blue daisy dress set.

"Mitzi, haven't you forgotten something" auntie said
"Do I have to put it on? I thought those days were behind me" Mitzi replied
"It goes with the outfit" auntie said
"Oh alright then" Picking it up she put it on.

"That's better, the hat just finishes it off"
"I wont have to wear a hat every time you photograph me will I" Mitzi asked
"No sweetie, just once in a while, shall we continue?"
"Yes please"

"Are these OK?" Mitzi asked
"Perfect" said auntie "We'll just take a few more and then we'll be done"

"Thank you Mitzi you were just perfect"
"Shall I go and change now auntie?"
"Yes please and when your finished there will be milk and cookies"
"Ooh lovely, erm auntie"
"Can I call you mum too?"
"Well you are a part of this family now so I think that's a wonderful idea"
Rushing off to get changed Mitzi looked over her shoulder and said "Thank you for adopting me mum I know I'm going to be very happy here"

Friday, 3 May 2013


She stared at me from Shelly's site
the poor waif had been rejected
How could I resist that sad sweet face
she had definitely been neglected
Her hair was cut into a bob
and sadly it was falling
Come home to me you poor sweet child
I'm sure she heard me calling

She arrived at home in her vest and pants
in desperate need of hugs
But first a bath and a change of clothes
she did not expect too much
So here she is my little one
now ready to meet the others

She's happy to say hi to all the girls

but I think she prefers her brothers!


Cousin Mitzi comes to stay

Mitzi was a fabulous model for Hattie's Hats with Hattitude and was enjoying her time showcasing them when suddenly she found herself modelling less and less while Ashley (a no navel) grabbed the spotlight.

She had noticed some strange goings on in the village of late, some of her siblings were disappearing while different ones arrived!

Mitzi was very concerned, she had heard her mum talk about the Ice Queen who had a toddler called Lonely and she let the other toddlers pick on her - now mum had never let anyone in the village be picked on but some members didn't seem to stay too long!! The twins whom Mitzi loved dearly had been packed up and sent to who knows where and Mitzi could hear the bells tolling for her!

One day last week Mitzi found herself up for adoption and wondered what she had done to upset her mum so much that she would want to send her away,  but the next day Mitzi was saved as her mum had second thoughts and decided she could stay. Mitzi heaved a sigh of relief but her hopes were dashed as the very next day she was up for adoption again.

Now I couldn't stand the thought of poor Mitzi who had lived in the village for quite some time going to a home where she didn't know anyone and so she came to live with us.

She wont be a model for Hattie's Hats but she will still be modelling!

Welcome to your new home Mitzi.