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Monday, 28 October 2013

More purchases from the Chat n' Snap

There was so many beautiful things to choose from ranging from clothes, dolls, toys, accessories etc that a small fortune could have easily been spent.

Mitzi shows off 2 items of knitware by Gill.

And in the last photo a pretty hat by Ginny's daughter.

Socks, socks,socks also by Gill

Sashapotumus tee's

There was so much more I would have liked to purchase and here are some pictures of just a few of them.

Better start saving!!

Meredith, Devon and Mia show off their new clothes.

Fun was had by all at the chat n' snap event hosted by Denise and 3 more of my girls couldn't wait to change into some of the items I brought home.

Meredith chose the tartan dress by a passion for Sasha, teamed with a beret by Denise.

Mia picked the Lilac/Grey checked dress.

and Devon picked the olive green pin dot dress.

All looking very smug as they got to wear the new outfits because all the other girls with the exception of Mitzi are now changed.

"Poor Mitzi" I hear you cry... but not so as Mitzi has a new outfit too which she will change into at Christmas but she said I could show you a photo of the VS set bought especially for her.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Dee's Sasha in her new knitted dress set.

Dee's Sasha outfit arrived today and she kindly sent me a couple of pictures of her beautiful Sasha wearing it.

I quite enjoyed the challenge of knitting a dress without a pattern and made another one in pink modelled by Mitzi.

Thank you Dee for setting me the challenge and sending the photo's for me to display, I'm glad that you and your Sasha are pleased with the result.
(and yes Denise I know you want one in red)

Thursday, 17 October 2013

George and Maisie have a change of clothes.

George seen wearing  DD joggers and t-shirt

decided to change into a polo neck top, corduroy trousers and fleece jacket set by bev beese.

He's now nice and snug and ready for the colder weather!

Maisie pictured wearing a VS outfit wanted to change into Autumn tones.

 She decided on a dress by petrana with boots by lisa.

Adding a coat by Jadzia for when going out.


"Wait a minute mum" Maisie called rushing off to the wardrobe "I'll need this for the Chat 'n' Snap"

Looks like Maisie ready for a little Sasha therapy!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Mitzi models Dee's completed outfit.

Dee in the US sent me a picture of a cable dress set that she wanted in a beige.

Sorry about the size of the picture but if I make it bigger it's very blurred.

You have seen the dress in a previous post and now Mitzi models my rendition of the complete set.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Fabian and Arya

Fabian and Arya stepped forward today for a change of clothes. Fabian seen wearing DD shorts and t-shirt and Arya in a pretty dress by petrana.

Fabian chose black jeans, sashapotumus t-shirt and a knitted fleece backed jacket for his winter wear, while Arya chose a VS farm style dungaree's outfit with a corduroy coat for added warmth.

Snug as a bug in a rug!!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Mitzi models a knitted dress.

I was asked to knit a dress from a photo sent to me and this is my rendition of said dress.

These photo's  look as if the dress is darker at the bottom than the top, unfortunately that was due to lighting but the true colour is the top.

Providing the colour is ok and Dee in the US is happy I just need to make the hat and leg warmers to match.

Here are some pictures of the dress being worn back to front.