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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Introducing Leilani and Christian

I have had Leilani for a couple of months now and she has been complaining that she had yet to be put on the blog and so without further ado I introduce to you Leilani my 2nd Brunette No Navel.

She was followed at the end of August by Christian my sharp nosed boy.


I think Leilani is smitten with him.

The next 2 photo's are for Dee's benefit. I had purchased Amelia (a girl for all time) quite some time ago and after seeing Dee's Tudor girl Matilda was trying to decide if I should get one, it was while looking on ebay that I found a seller who was selling Matilda for £29.99!! (that can't be right it must just be the outfit I thought) but after checking the listing my finger pressed the BIN and Matilda was on her way. I also located another Tudor outfit and so here are Amelia and Matilda.

And finally back onto Sasha,  Teagan wants to show you the skirt I made... I'm not sure about the length and it needs to be finished off with a fastener but she insisted that I show you so here it is.

Well that's everything that we have been getting up to... (well nearly everything!)