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Monday, 30 September 2013

Daisy, Blossom and Virgil change their clothes.

Daisy, seen below in a vintage sasha outfit decided to change from pink to lilac.
 As seen here in an alexissofie long sleeved dress.

For going out and about she added a purple corduroy coat with knitted hat and mittens also by alexissofie.

Now ready for the colder weather should it arrive!
Blossom wearing a little 3 piece set I found on ebay, wanted to be in red like her older sibling Sabrina and pulled out a red corduroy dress by a passion for sasha.

Such a little sweetie.
The boys are so easy to please, Virgil seen below in a dollydoodles t-shirt and shorts

Changed into jeans a shirt.

A fleece jacket and boots completed his winter wear.

Looking Cool in Blue!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Megan takes a twirl

Meg is wearing a beautiful vintage sasha outfit I was lucky enough to purchase.

She decided to change into a special delivery smocked dress with faun tights and boots.

She added a fleece jacket and hat for the colder days.

Looking so cute!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Rufus and Summer.

Rufus asked to be changed today because although he was quite happy running around in a dollydoodles shorts and  t-shirt the fallen leaves were scratching his legs when he jumped into them.

He chose to wear a polo top with corduroy trousers by bev beese and commercially made boots and socks.
 Finished off with a fleece hooded jacket.

Summer seen below in a smocked dress by specialdelivery and commercially made shoes.

Wanted to change into purples and chose Jeggings by doolydoodles a sweater by mum and boots by lisa.

Looking mighty fine!



Yvette said it was her turn to be changed and after being in apricot for what felt like forever wanted to go bright bright bright!!!
 Wearing a pretty smocked dress by specialdelivery and commercially made sandals.

She decided on turquoise tones, corduroys by bev beese, white t-shirt by dollydoodles and commercially made shoes.
 Adding a fleece hooded jacket by nellie rose to complete her outfit.

As snug as a bug!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

What's been on my needles?

Just thought I would post a photo of Travis wearing a sweater I made which is currently on ebay.

Neve and Jack.

Neve was quite happy in her dungaree outfit by vintage sasha and mum made bolero, so decided to stay in them until Christmas when she would wear a dress.
 I insisted that she at least put on a warmer cardigan and so after rumaging through the boy's chest of draws she chose the cardigan below.

Nice and cosy.

Jack was still in his dollydoodles shorts and t-shirt with commercially made trainers.

He chose to wear a polo neck top with jeans by bev beese and commercially made boots and socks.

To complete the outfit he chose a knit jacket also by bev.

Such a handsome chap!



Scarlet has stepped forward today for a change of clothes and she is seen below wearing a smocked dress by specialdelivery with commercially made shoes.


Scarlet also opted for a dress by Petrana and chose the cup cake dress with commercially made shoes and socks.
She teamed it with a candy pink cardigan made by scoobydoo.
Nice and colourful for the darker nights.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The boy's join in.

Having seen some of the girl's being changed the boy's began to mumble about having cold knees and arms in the evenings and so Gideon stepped forward to be changed into warmer wear.

 Seen here wearing a very smart t-shirt and shorts set by dollydoodles with commercially made trainers.

He decided to go into brown tones for the colder weather and picked out a shirt and trouser set by nellie rose with commercially made boots.

Teamed below with a fleece hooded jacket by bev beese.

One very happy chap!