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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The Alphabet is now complete

Out in the garden what do I see
A handsom blonde Gregor looking at me
"You must be Urther, yes that is your name"
"Oh no" he did cry "I want to be Shane"

"You can't have a surfer called Urther" he cried
"They would laugh at the beach and I would have to go hide"

"I'm sorry young man but Urther' your name
but when you are surfing you can be called Shane"

"Thank you new mum" he said with delight
"and who is this Dragon he gave me a fright"

"Not such a fright as to keep you away
his name is Puff and he sleeps all day"
"Well come inside and meet your kin
as from today your new life begins"
Introducing Urther Pendragon (Shane to his surfer buddies)
My Sasha alphabet is now complete! I'm sure I will be tempted and no doubt will cave in but for the moment we are content!!


  1. A complete alphabet. How exciting--I'm off to go through old posts to admire them all again.

    1. It's taken some time but I've finally got there.

  2. Well done on creating a superb Sasha alphabet!! Your new boy is a handsome lad!

    1. I thought so, the poor boy went round ebay a couple of times before coming home to me.

  3. Welcome Urther Pendragon to complete the line up.
    Will Mum be able to resist starting another? maybe the knights of the round table?
    Great rhyme to introduce you too! :)xx

    1. That's an idea, but then I already have enough boy's for the line up so maybe I could just give them second names, Lance is half way there already.

  4. ...And there I was expecting a girl called Ursula! Just goes to show 'what thought did!'
    Nevertheless Urther/Shane is so very handsome that I can forgive you this once.

    1. Thank you Kendal but I'm sure Urther will not be the last!

  5. Great post, cool "new mum". Hang 5, surfer dude!